Truth has no Agenda. Agendas hold no Truth.

This site aims to collect and present information, images and video related to our human past and future. Too often our forefathers are regarded as simpletons, but there is overwhelming and compelling evidence proving the textbooks are wrong and outdated. Just as often something will capture the imagination that turns out to be mundane or hoaxed.

History is slow to update itself, whereas other disciplines, such as astronomy, biology, technology etc. are only too happy and eager to update itself. Updating your current understanding of a subject does not and should not take anything away from prior archaeologists.

I don’t care for the politics of dancing, but I want to know the truth and update that truth when needed. So if you as the reader know of additional information / theory / viewpoint that I have missed in the various topics, please engage and educate me in the comments section.

There is no theory or belief system on this website, other than seeking the truth. Whatever the truth may be.

Most of our human history is missing…and our origin is unknown.

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