Are we pre-programmed as a species to invent similar things throughout the ages?

Ancient   Modern
Flame Thrower known as Greek Fire, Byzantines  672 AD   Flame Thrower – Richard Fielder used for WWI 1901 AD
Plastic Surgery – Egyptians did nasal reconstructions for ex thieves who’s noses were cut off as punishment for stealing – Edmund Smith papyrus reveals this practice 3000 BC   Plastic Surgery – Sir Harry Gillies – reconstructed a burn victim face 1917 AD
Vending Machines – dispense holy water in exchange for a silver coin – Heron of Alexandria  60 BC   Vending Machines – London to dispense books 1800’s AD
Alarm Clocks – Plato – water clock that whistled 440 BC   Alarm Clocks – Levi Hutchins 1787 AD
Earthquake Detector – Zhang Heng 132 AD   Earthquake Detector – Fillipo Cecchi – invented the seismograph 1875 AD
Automatic Doors – Heron of Alexandria – designed temple doors that open automatically once a fire is lit and it produces enough steam and pressure to push the doors open 50 BC   Automatic Doors – designed by two American inventors to overcome the problem that swing doors have in high wind 1954 AD
Batteries – Baghdad battery – copper cylinder and iron rod in a clay jar with acid results in a battery 200 BC   Batteries – Alesandro Volto designed a crude battery made of acid soaked cardboard and copper-zinc disks 1799 AD
Computer – Antikythera mechanism 200 BC   Computer – Charless Babbage 1834 AD
Death Ray – Archimedes – set enemy ships on fire 212 BC   Death Ray – USA army introduces the Active Denial System that inflicts burn wounds on enemies 2007 AD
Robots – Heron of Alexandria invented automated shows (animata) 50 BC   Robots – William Grey Walter – shaped like turtles, the robots could find their way back to their charging station 1948 AD
Marionette – Carved from ivory, found in Brno, Czech Republic 25000 BC   Marionette – H W Whanslaw published a book on the making of marionettes and this kick-started modern British puppetry 1923 AD
Magnifying Glass – Nimrud lens is considered a crude magnifying glass made from polished rock crystal 750 BC   Magnifying Glass – Roger Bacon 1250 AD
Steam Engine – Hero of Alexandria 50 BC   Steam Engine – Thomas Savery 1698 AD
 Flexible Glass – Vitrum Flexile 14 AD    Flexible Glass 2016 AD 
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