The oldest human being on Earth discovered to date are 5 skeletons in Morocco, north Africa, dated between 300 000 and 350 000 years ago. This pushes the date a little further back in time, but in my gut I know Homo Sapiens are much older. I don’t believe our origin lies in a monkey strain.

The difference between them and us? The back of their skulls are slightly longer than ours today as shown in the image below. Elongated skulls…the worldwide mystery.

Oldest human being

Flint tools were found with the bones. The flint is interesting because its origin was traced to another site about 20 miles south of Jebel Irhoud. Early Homo Sapiens already knew how to search out and to use resources spread over long distances. Similar flint blades of about the same age have been found at other sites across Africa, and scientists have long wondered who made them. The fossils at Jebel Irhoud raise the possibility that they were made by early Homo Sapiens.

Human evolution across Africa

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