3 Fingered mummy hand

During January 2017 a very strange 3 fingered mummy hand was presented to researcher Brien Foerster in Cusco, Peru. On first glance it looks suspiciously fake, but x-rays show tissue and bones. An x-ray was taken of the hand which revealed 6 bones per finger, as opposed to 3 fingers like us humans. The hand also has finger nails very similar to humans. Naturally the first thing that comes to mind is that the hand belonged to an alien, but where is the rest of the creature…..

3 fingered mummy hand

3 Fingered mummy hand compared to that of Brien Foerster

3 fingered mummy hand x-ray

X-rays show 6 bones per finger – humans have 3 bones per finger

3 fingered mummy finger nail

Well defined finger nail similar to humans

The 3 fingered mummy from Nazca

Then in June 2017 a whole 3 fingered mummy showed up in Nazca. An investigative reporter Jaime Maussan from Mexico contacted the Gaia movement to examine the mummy. Camera crews and scientists examined the mummy. The mummy measures 1.68m tall, which is an average height for humans today. A Forensic Expert, Dr Jose Benitez, examined and measured the mummy. Based on the unique features of the mummy, Dr Benitez believes it is not human. 

Nazca mummy face

No ears and a very small nose with strange eye sockets

Nazca mummy hand

3 very long fingers on each hand with 6 bones per finger

Nazca mummy feet

3 very long toes on each foot

The head is elongated, 3 long fingers, 3 long toes, no real nose, the ears are missing and the eye sockets look different from that of humans. Initial DNA testing places the age of the mummy between 245 AD – 410 AD. The body was mummified, but the organs have not been removed as is custom with mummification. 

After the initial examination, Gaia decided to investigate the matter further. The mummy is currently being studied and results so far found that the mummy is female because she has no Y-chromosome and has been named Maria. She has 24 vertebrae where humans have 33 and she has fewer ribs than humans do.

Nazca mummy upright

[Update: 4 July 2017] In addition to Maria, there are 3 more mummies, but they are said to be from a different species. They are smaller in size but also have the 3-fingers-and-toes. One of these are said to be female and pregnant with 3 eggs. Investigators are not willing to disclose any additional information until further analysis has been conducted.

While the team was in Nazca they noticed 3 fingered people in art everywhere as seen below.

Nazca mummy art

Homo Sapiens obviously lived alongside to the Nazca creatures with an early date of 250 AD. A hand and an entire mummy has now been uncovered. Maybe the creature is a hominid. Or just maybe they were mentally superior to humans and this could explain the phenomena of head binding to imitate these creatures. It is sad to know that these cultures and their memories have been lost to time. It leaves a huge gap in the human origins story. But it is heart warming to know that people like Brien Foerster and the Gaia movement take the matter seriously enough to conduct DNA testing on it.

Sources:  Gaia, Hidden Inca Tours, YouTube Jay Weidner Interview

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