Evolution of Man Timeline

The timeline starts at 900,000 BC because honestly, everything prior to this time is just primates. Not a hint of human, apart from “walking upright”.

Let your brain chew on this – using the chart above for reference:

Human beings have lived with 9 other hominids on earth. Two of these hominids came before us and 7 hominids came after us.

Homo Erectus (depending on who you talk to) is believed to be our common ancestor. This creature lived for 1.8 million years. The youngest was dated to 145,000 BC.  Human beings lived next to it for 200,000 years…and this doesn’t seem odd?

What a crazy time it must have been to see upright apes running around making fire and yielding wooden spears.

Why did the mighty Homo Erectus die out, along with all the other hominids that roamed around with us at around the same time of 150,000 BC …. and only humans survived?

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